Fitness Centre Memberships

Join our Fitness Centre today and perform at your peak.

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 6am - 8pm, Sat-Sun 8am - 4pm

At the Sport & Rugby Institute, we pride ourselves on providing a dynamic training environment to help you reach your goals. Enjoy training in our unique facility, surrounded by spacious green outdoors, close to the athletics track and running trails. Free car parking on-site.


Wanting something a little different to your average gym workout? Tired of lifting weights? Why not try our fun, interactive, group fitness sessions, designed to build strength and fitness through high intensity training. No two bootcamps are the same, with the variety of each session adding to the enjoyment of this form of training.

Sign Up & Payment Options

  • Download and complete Membership form (bring it with you on your first visit)
  • Pay cash/eftpos on site at reception
  • Pay online via credit card , connecting you through Massey’s secure online payment service. All members will still receive a copy of their membership fee invoiced.
  • Pay by direct debit and complete Membership form . For health & safety reasons, as well as our own documentation, it is essential that this form is completed and emailed back to either or before you can start utilising the fitness centre. Debit Success provides greater flexibility of payment structures and frequencies whilst reducing the need for paper invoices and delays. Debit success allows your account to be debited the amount based on the period you choose. Like all services of this kind, Debit Success charge a small 6% administration fee on your overall membership fee, plus a one off $15 up front charge for processing.